Sunday, April 8, 2012

the veeeeeeeeeeessst

sorry about the bitch face but it's very sunny and cold out! still trying out instagram as you can see in the first two pics but i think i'm starting to get the hang of it! i love how the vest came out, i was thinking about adding some studs but i'm kinda liking the minimal look of it right now! the skirt i'm wearing is also DIY! the tshirt is a hanes mens vneck, and the shoes are the blue target flats i've worn before! hope ya'll like how the vest turned out! i'll be bleaching some more stuff!!! bleach crazy!


  1. ooh I love your look and denim vests are awesome.I hope you follow my blog xx

  2. omg i love this DIY! I haven't done a DIY for so long and I needed to be reinspired! I'm pulling out the bleach asap, hehe. And I that's a good facial expression, you should see all of the outtakes that I don't post, hehehe! Thank you so much for dropping by! xx mandy

    1. omg!!! i love your blog! thanks so much for coming to mine! your art and your photos inspire me so much!


  3. i love a good denim vest! looks great!

  4. Love it! I just scored for myself a rather deadly denim jacket which I love!
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  5. been searching and searching for a jacket to turn into a vest/a vest to dyi for so long! love the minimal look of the bleach, great inspiration!!!


  6. cute vest!!

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