Monday, January 21, 2013

aging with grace

what do zooey deschanel, jane goodall, and grace coddington all have in common? well they all represent (for me) aging with grace. i'm 27 and this year i will turn 28. yes i know not very old now but every year i get older and seems like with every moment i can see my self aging. for most women my age turning 30 is a scary thought, but why? 30 is just an age anyways right? and isn't 30 the new 20? besides all that when women turn this age or are around this age they really start focusing on taking care of their skin and trying to prevent signs of aging. for a while now i've noticed the skin around my eyes becoming thinner and more sensitive. i even have tiny crows feet. my hands when they are cold and dry look so much older than they really are. this has me thinking of what kind of women i will become as i get older. growing up i always heard my mother's complaints about aging and looking in the mirror only to be saddened by what you see. i told myself i would not be like that. my mother doesn't believe in plastic surgery or botox, or any other kind of medical reversal of aging. i've seen many a older lady who has had both done and they look unnatural and often times scary. my mother believes that keeping your skin moisturized, wearing copious amounts of sunblock and watching what you eat is the key to keeping your skin looking healthy and natural and she's right. so in conclusion as i get older i will embrace my fine lines and wrinkles and just keep to my skin routine. i will probably let my hair grey naturally because dying it damages it terribly and i want to keep my length healthy looking like jane goodall does. my style will probably remain the same, age appropriate and still chic like grace coddington's style. after all these 3 women although different in ages have some thing in common, their own personal style and beauty that is all their own!!!

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