Thursday, October 6, 2011

new era

some one recently asked me what my favorite era of fashion was. i thought about it really hard, i have so many eras i would love to re-visit, early 1800s, victorian, 20's, and even the 1600s. when i really thought about it the early 50s would have to be my favorite! if i could dress like Dita von Teese everyday i would trust me! with the recent explosion in popularity of the show Mad Men I had hopes that maybe perhaps the 50s would make a comeback. last season at Louis Vuitton show I was almost convinced it had! while i cannot afford to buy these chic dresses from LV i can however buy online vintage sewing patterns and create my own 50s dress. i also sometimes dress like a tomboy from the 50s, cropped leather jacket, rolled up cuffed skinny jeans, sneakers, cat eyeliner, red lipstick, and a high ponytail.
so i'm asking if you have a favorite era in fashion please share it! i would love to hear other peoples favorites.
photo here

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